In the video they shot a UFO disguised asthe sun

Famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring receives materials on
UFO and other mysterious phenomena from around the world. Recently, residents of the United States
they sent him a video, in which the UFO is disguised as the second
the sun (смотрите видео).

Two suns in the sky – a phenomenon, though rare, but not representing
from themselves nothing supernatural, according to scientists, this
just “halo”. However, eyewitnesses observing a bright object in the sky above
America, they claim that the “halo” was not quite similar.
Во-первых, второе the sun располагалось довольно далеко от
this luminary is practically on the other side. It appeared
слева, тогда как настоящее the sun светило справа.

The UFO in the form of the sun was just as bright, only slightly smaller.
by size Eyewitnesses watched this strange object for several
minutes, until it suddenly went out (or flew away).

Scott Waring has not yet commented on this video. On his
personal site this material has not found a place, perhaps, ufolog
I just didn’t get it or didn’t find it interesting (maybe
In fact, it was the usual “halo”?) To say that the video is somewhat
outdated, fails, because among the latest materials,
that Scott has posted, photographs (see below) flying
plates, which was accidentally removed by tourists from Slovakia at the end
August of this year.

A man named Miroslav from Bratislava traveled with his
son in the mountains near the town of Banská Štiavnica. Naturally, tourists
filmed beautiful landscapes of the highlands. In one of the photos,
made out of a car window, amid gorgeous mountains suddenly
discovered the “flying saucer”. Judging by the blur UFO,
Scott Waring commented, the object’s flight speed was decent.
In form – a classic alien device. Well, tourists from
Slovakia can only be congratulated on a good picture!

It seems that soon Scott Waring will respond to the video on
НЛО, умеющим маскироваться под the sun, а то в Сети интернет уже
started talking again about the mysterious planet Nibiru, although NASA
rendered a kind of final verdict of this, speaking with the official
a statement that no Planet X exists. But who of
normal ufologists and even more so from the conspiracy therapists believe
NASA statements? ..

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