In the Voronezh reservoir capturedunknown to science

Is in the Voronezh reservoir announced its own
Loch Ness monster? One of the townspeople noticed in the pond
suspicious movement and captured it on the camera of the smartphone.
By turning on the video shown below, you can see how
the surface of the water now and then emerges an incomprehensible dark object,
resembling a small head on a long neck. It looks like the famous
Nessie, right? True, this was not happening in Scotland, but with us
near by, in Russia. Mysterious shots with a creature unknown to science
domestic social networks quickly spread around, attracting the attention of many
users Runet.

Most of all this find was intrigued, of course,
Voronezh residents themselves. None of them can accurately say that
was: otter, large fish or unknown to official science
cryptide Some commentators even put forth an eerie
the assumption that we are talking about a drowning person who never
waited for help. December 9 here just fell through the ice
61-year-old fisherman who was rescued from the water and taken to
hypothermia at the hospital. However, the video from the so-called
�”Voronezh Nessy” was received a few days before, and
therefore, it is not the unfortunate pensioner who is clearly depicted on it.

Many enterprising citizens believe that in Voronezh
it is time to appear your own mythical cryptide, which will
attract here curious tourists and researchers in the area
cryptozoology. The first proof of presence in the reservoir
the alleged monster has already been received. It’s not a secret to anybody,
that, for example, the famous Loch Ness monster may not
exist in Scotland, but this does not prevent the local
entrepreneurs in every way support the legend of cryptide and
earn good money on visitors by selling them Nessie souvenirs
and arranging excursions on the lake in order to detect the terrible

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