In the walls of British houses discover strangefinds

Recently, in the walls of British homes began to find
mysterious caches in which there are no jewels or
someone’s remains, and old shoes. Why would anyone need
bury shoes and shoes in brickwork
a mystery.

However, local historians have a possible explanation for this.
a phenomenon. They believe that in former times the inhabitants of the Misty
Albion did it in order to protect their homes from
supernatural beings and the dangers of our contact
two worlds – the physical and the afterlife.

A resident of the English city of Norwich Laura Potts started recently
repairs in the kitchen of his house, built in the Georgian era.
When the builders disassembled the brick wall, they found inside
a small cavity with an old-fashioned, worn-out female shoe.
The surprised hostess took a mysterious find and wrote about
her on Facebook. To the great surprise of Potts, its publication
quickly became popular. Many British fellows said in
comments that also found objects in the walls of their houses
shoes. Some users even reported that they were removed from
walls that they put on their own. That is, these things
materialized there by themselves. However, it is impossible with accuracy
say such people say the truth or just joking.

The historian Malcolm Gaskill, learning of this, suggested that
shoes were walled in at about the middle of the 17th
century, to ward off witches, demons, evil spirits, goblins and other
inhabitants of the other world. Then it was believed that the evil sorcerer
may even be your best friend, so superstitious Britons
tried with all their might to protect their homes from evil. Worn out
shoes and shoes, according to the then superstitions, could wear
a kind of imprint of the owner or hostess of the house. Putting such a thing
into the wall, the man tried to deceive devilry and prevent her from entering
the house through the door, window, pipe and so on – that is, completely
closed the dwelling from penetrating into it every evil

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