In this world, everything has its own melody, includingand smile

A group of French cognitive scientists
came to the conclusion that in this world everything has its own sound (its own melody,
свой ритм), and smile человека в этом случае не исключение.

For example, in the XIX century, researchers came to the conclusion that
Mimicry is the key to empathy. Scientists from Paris
We decided to check it out with an example of a smile. And it turned out that any
a person, even a blind person, instantly reacts to the smiles of others.
Any individual does not just see them, he hears them. And hears
all the “intonations” of a particular smile, that is, it understands how
his interlocutor smiles sincerely or falsely. If you say
talking on the phone and starting to smile, your interlocutor
immediately responds to this – in most cases, too, gives in
this mood, because the smile melody is infectious.

Do not believe, asks one of the authors of this study
cognitive scientist pablo arias and you start smiling for a while
telephone conversation, and then ask the interlocutor what he
smiles? You will surprise him with this, though nothing surprising.
there is no: just people “hear” a smile, or rather it will be said
catch its rhythm that is transmitted instantly to any

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