In Transbaikalia above the ground noticed incomprehensibleblack ring

June 24, residents of the Russian village of Chara in the Trans-Baikal region of steel
witnesses of the mysterious phenomenon. In the sky above the village soared
unidentified object, which was a perfectly smooth smoke
ink black ring.

Turning on the video below, you can see it.
an unusual phenomenon with my own eyes. But what could it be? Something
going beyond the usual or, on the contrary, having a very simple
and rational explanation?

It is worth noting that the same mysterious black circles above
land has been repeatedly noticed in the United States, Britain,
Poland, Kazakhstan and other countries. In addition, they appeared in
Novosibirsk, very puzzled by our compatriots. Alone
eyewitnesses then talked about representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.
Others claimed that these were portals in a different dimension. According to
thirdly, this is a poorly known atmospheric phenomenon or even

As for the many skeptics and materialists on the Web,
they put forward theories about chimney emissions and traces from
pyrotechnic products. Anyway, the new “phenomenon
smoke rings “very interested in recent years, ufologists and
other researchers from across the globe. At least for the
the simple reason that no one has ever seen anything before
similar though to all known flues and fireworks invented not
one century ago.

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