In Turkey, they began to teach students ufology andexopolitics

The Turkish daily newspaper Hürriyet has published an amazing
information. Journalists report that at Akdeniz University,
located in the city of Antalya in the south of the country, students started
преподавать уфологию и exopolitics.

Ufology is, as you know, the science of unidentified flying
objects and extraterrestrial civilizations. Exopolitics presents
a discipline that studies the relationship of world governments with these

The lecturer of such an unusual course was Erhan Kolbashi – known
ufologist, conspiracy therapist and head of the local Research
center “Sirius”. One of the leading Turkish specialists in the field
ufology and exopolitics tells university students about
everything related to alien life forms and interactions
human race with them. According to Kolbashi, after 10-15 years
aliens will come out on a large-scale contact with earthlings, and to this we need
be ready. It is known that Kolbashi’s lectures are huge
popular, despite the fact that even less than a week.

Many ufologists from all over the world enthusiastically responded about
this news. If in leading European countries students are taught
pay taxes and understand politics, why not start
to teach young people something equally useful and important? Exists
a wealth of evidence that aliens are real,
that they are already given here on Earth, and that the powerful of this world have
contacts with them. Someone will even say that it is not only right, but also
the duty of every inhabitant of our planet to be aware of
things like that.

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