In Ukraine, an unknown predator attacksthe sheep

In the village of Matveyevts Ternopil region of Ukraine wound up
unknown predator that attacks in the dark
домашних the sheep, выпивая из них всю кровь.

Mysterious pest has sucked eight under the cover of night
70-pound animals, and villagers fear that attacks on their
cattle will not cease in the foreseeable future. Scared farmers
they suspect that they may be talking about the legendary chupacabra, which
He drinks the blood of his victims, but does not touch the meat.

Recall that from Spanish “Chupacabra” translates as
�”Goat vampire.” For the first time, a cryptide was talked about in the 1950s in
Puerto Rico, where local farmers began to find their cattle
completely bloodless. Although initially a monster
It was considered a killer only goats, it was soon discovered that the Chupacabra
также охотно пьет кровь the sheep, кроликов, кур и даже крупных животных
– cows with horses. However, the nickname “goat vampire” firmly
stuck since then for this mysterious creature, no one knows where
appearing in various points of the world – and Ukraine in this case
One of the favorite camp for the monster.

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