In Vitebsk, millions of moths created on the streets�”Picture of horror”

Although residents of the Belarusian city of Vitebsk each year at the end
July is observed such – the invasion of millions of moths, mayflies,
The present “madness” of these butterflies has given them some shock.

The fact is that this summer the daybill flew here so much that
even experienced townspeople note with surprise that it all resembles
�”Pictures of horror.” No wonder that these “pictures” are filmed
and laid out in social networks, where the stormy discussion begins
– what is it, is it really a sign in front of some universal
a disaster?

Here is what a resident of Vitebsk writes about this in Instagram
Dina Vakulskaya, positioning herself in this social network under the nickname

At first glance it seems that it is snowing in our city – it is in
July something! However, it is not snow, but only moths, but they are so
much more than ever, why some citizens, and especially visitors,
perceive it as something terrible and surreal. Picture
horror, not otherwise …

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