In Zimbabwe, women are in a panic fromgoblin stealth

Here goblins are called invisible entities, which in
civilized countries are called poltergeist. Moreover, these goblins
(we will call phantom formations as it is accepted by local
African people) have been bothering people for years
a small country located in southern Africa.

For example, in 2013 in Zimbabwe, even for a while, there were
rural schools closed as goblins began to terrorize
children in them, and even one baby was beaten to death. From these
invisible entities here suffer not only the common people whom
could be accused of superstition and ignorance, but also the police,
that is, the power structures of the country. They frankly confess
to journalists, including European ones, that there are no goblins from them
no life. Local authorities even ask European
clergymen, sorcerers and churchmen help, since blacks
shamans can not cope with this evil.

Recently, as reports, a surge
Goblin activity is observed in the Cordray Park area, where these
insidious and evil entities began to attack now mainly on
women sneaking into bed at night. And all this
acquired the mass of this epidemic. As the boss says
local police, since last year, goblin rapists have become
a real disaster for their area of ​​Zimbabwe, because of them being destroyed
families, the female population suffers, ranging from adolescent girls and
to deep old women, what the hell is going on
of life.

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