Incidents of Snowman Abduction

Usually a snowman (aka yeti, bigfoot, and so on) leads
yourself to us is friendly. At the worst, just avoids
meeting people, especially if they hunt him. However in
Rarely, yeti steal people for some unknown reason.

Bigfoot abducts a girl

June 1, 1987 sixteen teresa ann bir from
California city of Fresno and her forty-three year old acquaintance Russell
Welch (a bigfoot researcher in the United States) went to
Mount Shutai Peak. This mountain, 2.5 kilometers high, is 25
miles northeast of Lake Bass. A few days later welch
returned from a hike alone. The girl disappeared without a trace, her body is not
managed to find, despite the most thorough searches.

Interrogated by the police, Russell initially said that Teresa was somewhere
ran away from him, but then changed the testimony and told the following. AT
searching for bigfoot for some time they had to go through a dense forest to
some distance from each other. ATдруг какое-то большое лохматое
the creature lashed out at the girl and, seizing her, disappeared into the forest
more often.

ATид и поведение Уэлча свидетельствовали о том, что он говорит
the truth, however, the police did not believe in such a fantastic
a story. The man was threatened with murder, but the body of Theresa
should first find. For this, the area in which
the girl is supposedly gone. The police found a place where
travelers set up a tent, but other traces of presence
Teresa did not find.

Since there was no evidence of Russell Welch’s guilt
polygraph (lie detector), he was successful, he was released for three
the day before the intended trial. Police reserved the right again
to arrest a man if Theresa’s corpse is found.

For all the years that have passed since that time, neither the girl herself nor her
Nobody has found the remains, but the Bigfoot Hunter is still
claimed that his companion kidnapped a snowman. It would seem that,
he could dwell on his first version: the girl went somewhere, and
afterwards an accident happened to her or a bear attacked.
What was the reason for inventing a tale of abduction by a bigfoot, which
officials do not believe and still? ..

Other cases of bigfoot kidnapping

But Russell Welch could well tell the truth, because
the history of cryptozoology there are a number of cases of snowy kidnapping
by man. So, in 1924 lumberjack Albert Ostman, who spent the night in
a sleeping bag in the woods, grabbed someone huge and overgrown with hair and
took with him. Произошло это под ATанкувером (Канада).

ATсе попытки лесоруба вырваться ни к чему не привели. At dawn
he found himself in a cave where the Bigfoot family lived: a male, a female and two
cubs Ostman had a gun, but he did not want to shoot,
since the owners of the cave behaved very friendly.

Bigfoot allowed his captive to walk freely
valley, albeit under the constant supervision of one of them. Female sometimes
showed aggression to man, but then the male defended him. Seem to be,
that Ostman became a bigfoot pet.

So a week has passed. Once a lumberjack offered the head of the family
snuff tobacco, which he took for food and as a result immediately
ran to the mouth rinse. And Albert Ostman, having gathered all his
strength rushed off the valley. Somehow he managed
escape from this mysterious place, although he later
repeatedly searched for him in the company of hunters, but only now find not
managed …

… We do not know where snow people come to our reality,
possessing many amazing abilities. According to tales
eyewitnesses, these creatures differ in their appearance,
mental development, character and degree of aggressiveness. But they all
have one common quality, namely, the elusiveness that
leads researchers and cryptozoologists to an interesting idea: yeti
come to us from a parallel world or even several worlds.
ATозможно, туда-то они и уносят похищенных людей. And therefore rarely
who manages to escape from such captivity, and even find a way there,
for example, search teams and cops – altogether
unthinkable …

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