Incomprehensible being discovered in Liverpool

The remains of an incomprehensible waterfowl that looks like a creepy
deformed dolphin discovered recently on the banks of the River Mersey
in Liverpool. Mysterious creature has fins, a pair of sharp canines
and weird black spikes on the back. Naturally such dolphins
official science is not known. Scientists claim that the corpse
probably old and long decomposed. However,
explain what kind of beast, experts are not able to.

The creator of the find was the local 28-year-old window cleaner, Sean Hall,
walking along the river during a working break.
The man did not disdain to touch the remains of the mysterious
animal and determined that they were covered with thick mucus. British
I considered that I had stumbled upon a corpse of a prehistoric monster, and twice
photographed monster.

Hall is very sorry that such an unusual creature died.
Perhaps people could help the creature if they noticed in time.
him. Or maybe it was the man who caused the death of the outlandish
river dweller?

It is noteworthy that even in rivers and lakes, people are constantly
�”Find” mysterious creatures (or water bodies themselves throw them out on
shore in the form of amazing “gifts”). And what to say in this case
about the depths of the sea, where they can dwell, hiding from human
voice, strange animals and real monsters that we even
unable to imagine …

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