Incomprehensible power threw the girl in the elevator

The following video was taken at the beginning of the current
month in China. Unusual video shot by a surveillance camera in the elevator
residential building, demonstrates, presumably, very mysterious

On the record you can contemplate a girl who suddenly
throws up while driving the elevator car. Unhappy child
flies up into the air, hits the door, then moves some more
up and finally falling to the floor. How strong is young chinese girl
suffered, not reported. Meanwhile, World Wide Web users
build various theories about the causes of the incident.

Skeptics argue that there is nothing unusual here, and
girls for sure turned out to be clamped by the mine doors of some kind
clothing item. Other commentators suggest that
about paranormal. Such personalities remind that elevators before
behaved inexplicably. So, the story of the old is widely known.
Welsh hotel, which was demolished in 1969. Despite the fact that
the building was de-energized, one of the elevators began to drive between floors itself
by itself, as if protesting against the destruction of the hotel. And the worker,
entered his cabin, was thrown out from there by some invisible
by force.

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