Incomprehensible pulsating glow over the nightNew Jersey

В прошлый четверг, 5 июля, над американским штатом New Jersey
noticed an incomprehensible anomaly. In the night sky suddenly appeared
a large, mysterious purple glow that made
eyewitnesses to open up in bewilderment mouths.

By including the video below, you can see this.
the phenomenon themselves. According to the witnesses struck, it was completely
unlike fireworks, spotlights or thunderstorms. Flicker not high
made any sounds and as if hypnotized observers.
Some Americans claim that they could not tear away from the phenomenon
look and have a strong desire to meet him. Straight
massive hypnosis like in science fiction films …

But what could it be? Aircraft Representatives
extraterrestrial civilization? The phenomenon of mystical or divine
of nature? Portal in a different dimension? Malfunction of the Matrix? Rarest
atmospheric phenomenon? Alas, we are unlikely to ever know the exact
the answer to this question. Independent paranormal researchers
phenomena suggest that it really is about something going
beyond the ordinary, but not in a hurry to do any
unambiguous conclusions.

Между тем сами жители New Jersey, на глаза которым попало
mysterious heavenly glow, intuitively suggest that
the phenomenon may return, and then it may be possible to study
much more thoroughly. True, there is almost no chance of this: scientists are not
can really explore the lightning that sparkle around the world day
and nightly, and here the rarest mysterious pulsating glow …

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