Incomprehensible sounds came from the sky inSweden

The record below was received last December.
жителем северной Sweden Рене Крупински, однако исследователи
supernatural phenomena on the Web for some reason turned
attention to it just now. According to the author of the video, he rode
then on a snowmobile in the vicinity of his city and suddenly caught
incomprehensible sounds that came, it seemed, straight from the sky. The man
immediately stopped, listened more attentively, then captured
anomaly on camera.

Alas, the source of the mysterious noise did not seem to Rene, not
looking at all his efforts and, in general, a good gadget, but our
the hero successfully recorded an amazing buzz on his smartphone,
resounded from somewhere above. According to the testimony of the Swedes, this
the sound was heard to him for about 45 minutes, then abruptly stopped. If a
to believe Krupinski, the buzz was so low and bass that
resounded in his body tangible vibrations. Surprised man even
felt as if a mysterious noise was charging him with some energy,
quite unpleasant and at the same time very attractive …

The ubiquitous materialists on the Internet claim that the blame
there must have been a wind howling in the crevices of nearby rocks.
Meanwhile, Rene recalled the old legend, once popular among
locals. In childhood, grandfather told Krupinski about
an ugly giant who lives in this forest and cries cold
winter evenings from loneliness. Does this myth relate to
Nobody knows what the Swede faced last winter.
however, such sounds from the sky, and sometimes even as if “from nowhere”,
people hear in many corners of the earth. Hear, scared, set
numerous questions, but … do not get an answer from them
scientists, not from local officials, not even from all-knowing
psychics and sorcerers …

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