Incredible cloud object captured on videoin Japan

Japan is considered a country with very low rates.
observing unidentified flying objects. However, if
the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun, nevertheless, put in
UFO image, such materials are the most interesting,
impressive and high quality.

The video below was taken a few days.
back in the Japanese prefecture of Kumamoto in the south-west of the country. Shot
from the airplane window the roller shows endless clouds over
which soars a striking object of enormous size, similar to
some sharp, perfectly symmetrical peak.

Mysterious shots, originally published in the Japanese segment
World Wide Web, riveted the attention of many ufologists,
conspiracy therapists, specialists in the field of supernatural phenomena and
simple web users. Many of them reasonably assume that
we are talking about an aircraft of aliens.

Some skeptics claim that we are just bizarre
cloud, however, other Web regulars raise such a theory on
laugh. Obviously, nature is not capable of creating a cloud so
unusual and complex shape. Although there is still the theory of intelligent clouds,
which, however, itself borders on belief in supernatural

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