Incredible “energy arc” captured insky over cambodia

On Thursday, March 22, on the popular YouTube video hosting
a mysterious video appeared, showing an incredible phenomenon in
evening sky. Over the houses formed a striking
�”Energy arc”, iridescent with all shades of yellow,
and flowing in the sky like a river. Imagine what it is to become
witness such a phenomenon! It remains from all my heart to thank
The author of this post, who guessed to capture the anomaly on the camera,
so that it could be seen by millions of Internet users.

Unfortunately, an unknown operator from Cambodia refused
to report in which part of the country this celestial arc was observed, when
she appeared above the earth and when she disappeared. Some users
The World Wide Web found this behavior suspicious and
suggested that it is a mystification, but surprising
Glow, they say, was added to the video in the video editor. By
According to materialists and skeptics, very many Cambodians
should have noticed such a rare miracle, however, hit the Internet
just the entry below. And it is in our days when
Everyone in the pocket has a phone with a video camera.

By the way, no need to think, some users write, that
only in this case, all will rush to shoot a heavenly miracle and
immediately spread on the Internet. This is, firstly, and secondly,
surely there will be other materials on the web;
search. Ultimately, they will still “float”, since the phenomenon
really extraordinary …

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