Incredible incident that happened with a drunkby man

In a strong drunk with people often happen truly
fantastic stories, but they usually do not believe: you never know what
will dream from drunk eyes … And these people themselves are not inclined
talk about their mystical adventures, because not
understand what happened to them and how this is possible. Besides always
there is a risk of being ridiculed …

So the master watchmaker from the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow is long
For years he kept this story in himself, because at first it was dangerous
and after the collapse of the USSR, he understood: no one would believe anyway. but
time relentlessly flies, it grows old, and therefore once decided
tell about the incident, although he asked journalists not to call
his real name. So, let him be Ivan for us …

In those years, Ivan lived in Kazakhstan, nearby was a camp for
prisoners – with barbed wire, watchtowers, creepy
by dogs. In short, everything is as it should be.

In his youth, Ivan was drinking heavily. And once he walked in
one warm company and great took on his chest. Returning home
late in the dark. The village where the guy lived was big, and Ivan
got lost. He walked, walked and came across a barbed wire.
Realizing that he went to the camp, the guy turned back, but soon
again faced wire. This was repeated several times, and
Finally, Ivan decided to lie down somewhere and sleep until the morning. He lay down near
some wall and really fell asleep.

Early in the morning, before dawn, the guy woke up and with amazement
looked around, not knowing where he was. It turns out Ivan slept under
the wall of the barracks, and there were several such barracks. The territory was surrounded
three rows of barbed wire, guard towers rose in the sky.
Ivan realized that somehow he was in the camp, in the zone.

Seeing where the entrance, the guy went there. At the entrance
there were a duty officer and two soldiers. Seeing Ivan, they barely
did not lose the power of speech.

– Who are you? How did you get here?

Ivan replied that he was drunk the day before and does not remember how he wandered into
zone. The officer looked gray and took the guy to another room, ordered
explain everything in writing. Then I read what was written, I was silent,
tore the sheet, and the fragments crumpled up and put it in my pocket.

“You,” he says, “have you seen the thorn wire in three rows?” By her
the current started, you could not go there. It turns out that he could only through
checkpoint. But our doors are locked from the inside, the keys are in the safe.
Nobody entered the camp this night. If we are here
let in or let out someone without a special pass – that’s all we
tribunal Но раз ты здесь, выходит, мы пропустили тебя в zone. With
all, as they say, the consequences for us. Therefore,
if you don’t tell me how you got here and why, you will get a deadline for
full coil.

And even though Ivan’s head had a pig-iron hangover, he realized
how serious it is. Already decided that this is the end. They both sit
silently, do not know what to do next. It turns out that all the term – and
Ivan, the officer, and the soldiers … They smoked. Suddenly the officer says:

“Okay, I think I made it up.” Wait here.

He went to his soldiers, and Ivan has one thought in his head: “They will kill
Are they with me or not? ”The officer returned soon.

“Live it,” says Ivan.

He led the guy through some dark vestibule to the iron door,
He opened several locks with keys. Then there was another door with
locks. And when Ivan went out through her, the officer told him:

– So that not a word to anyone! If you rattle – we all end.

Ivan does not even remember how he got to the village. Of course he is to anyone
I did not say what happened, I understood: the officer was not joking with him. And later
a few days Ivan met this man on the street. He was alone.
The guy wanted to come up, but the officer stopped him with a look in which
clearly read: “Do not come!”

Then a few more times they met as strangers. And then
This officer, apparently, was transferred somewhere. Soon Ivan left

Here is a story in which you can believe, but you can not believe.
But it’s not for nothing that they say: your works are wonderful, Lord, and numbers are
to your wonders …

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