Independent research amateur Degterevdiscovered on Mars “boiling” lake

An independent researcher of all that goes beyond
ordinary, including space, a resident of Nizhny Tagil Russia
Valentin Degterev discovered on Mars a lake with real water,
the truth is constantly boiling.

This is what the Ural virtual archaeologist writes, as they say in
Internet networks of such seekers of various artifacts and other
unusual things and phenomena:

Every schoolboy probably knows that there is no Mars, and not
maybe water. True Mars Rover of the American Aerospace
NASA, however, found insignificant water vapors on the Red
the planet (there is an official statement about this). However in
There are huge reserves of life on Mars
moisture. Close to the South Pole in the crater is a lake long,
at least a couple of kilometers away. And the water in this lake, like on
Earth, in a liquid state. Moreover, it boils, highlighting
huge amount of steam. And pay attention – this is a lake, like
put water surface, blue! Future discoveries of the Red
the planets now have a place to stay in order to have enough
the amount of water for the livelihood of his expedition. I am proud of such
a find that has undeniable value for humanity!

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