India is preparing to deliver to the moon rover

According to Nature, the Indian agency
Space Research ISRO is preparing in 2018 to land on
Moon has its own rover within the framework of the Chandrayaan-2 mission, that is, to enter into
Rows of countries that visited the natural satellite of the Earth.

Recall that India has already made such an attempt in 2008,
by launching to the moon a space research apparatus within
mission Chandrayaan-1. The device in the form of a cube has reached the lunar orbit
and even produced some work, for example, in one of the craters
found “magmatic water.” However, on November 14 of the same year, part
device when trying to reach the surface of the moon, crashed, and
its other part was simply lost in the satellite orbit.

As part of the new space mission, three unmanned aerial vehicles will be launched.

  • the orbital module will explore the moon from space;
  • the landing module must perform its intended function
    delivery of the rover to the satellite surface;
  • rover-moon rover, who will have to explore the lunar soil,
    taking measurements at a depth of several tens of meters, and moonlight
    surface, running on it for several days.

The entire mission lasts for two weeks, just for the period when
The moon makes a complete revolution around the Earth. Planned budget for
this project is about 93 million US dollars. In addition, ISRO
India is currently working on the Aditya program, as part of
which is going to launch the XPoSat device in order to study
The sun

After such serious space applications from India,
some space researchers have noticed the attention of supporters
the theory of a flat Earth to the next discrepancy in their statement:
Why is an increasing number of the camp seeks into space, invests in
the space industry is a lot of money if it’s just not there, how not
also neither the sun, nor the moon, and so on?

By the way, absurd ideas are born lately, like mushrooms
after the rain, which is caused, of course, in the first place
availability of the Internet for every nerd. For example,
a self-taught scientist who put some pretty funny stuff on
YouTube video hosting under the nickname RichieFromBoston (see below),
states that the distance to the moon is only 4.7 miles (seven
and a half kilometers). This conclusion blogger did on
Based on the analysis of the image of the craters of the Moon and neighboring buildings at
the same optical approximation of them through the camera Nikon P900.
And although this caused a clear bewilderment for many users
video hosting, which, for example, wondered, what about
fly passenger aircraft at an altitude of 11 kilometers, without touching
The moon, such an absurd theory, immediately found its supporters.

By the way, the fact that India was going to fly to the Moon and to the Sun,
does not cool the ardor of the supporters of the theory of flat Earth and others
pseudo-scientists: they easily blame it all on the conspiracy of the world
government that supposedly controls all countries, and therefore
capable of forcing india also to engage in space
hoaxes like NASA, ESA and Roscosmos …

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