Indian captures rare optical phenomenon -�”Double sun” in the sky

A resident of one of the villages located in the Indian state
West Bengal witnessed a very unusual one of these days.

A man looked out of the window at sunset and suddenly noticed on
the sky is not one, but two whole suns! The left one was large,
bright and almost white. The right one is smaller, dim and
orange. Struck by such a picture, the man hurried to get his
an old mobile phone and captured the anomaly on camera

The video received by the Indian rapidly spread over
many web sites. Internet users, intrigued
mysterious shots talk about the legendary planet Nibiru, a huge
alien spacecraft, a giant asteroid, an incredible optical
a phenomenon and the like. But skeptics say before
we have the moon, the light beam in the lens or a reflection of the present and
the only Sun in the glass.

What do you think? How would you explain this phenomenon? Notice
that the double sun in the sky, though a rare occurrence, is still not
unique. True, the reasons for the emergence of this “optical illusion”
no one really knows, because scientists in each case
put forward various theories that, unfortunately, leave this
riddle to the end unsolved.

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