Indian fishermen turn ocean plastic intogreat roads

A few years ago in Holland, scientists presented a very
interesting concept called PlasticRoad – plastic
roads. That is, the tracks can be assembled from special modules
made of plastic so harmful to our planet
waste (see the video about it below).

Moreover, as the Dutch scientists assured, such roads in all
operational characteristics are superior to modern
asphalt, but much cheaper than them, more durable, but the main thing –
allow you to use waste that has already become serious
problem for the ecology of the earth.

So, what is next?..

A few years have passed, but none of the leading countries of the world, in
including the Netherlands itself, has not yet established road production
from plastic waste. However, this idea was picked up by Indian
fishermen. They, of course, do not implement exactly the concept of the Dutch
scientists, but nonetheless practically using a unique
road construction are struggling with the platform that has already filled
the sea, making it difficult to fish.

Fishermen collect plastic trash from the water surface and
send it for processing to a special regional center, where
this waste is crushed, mixed with bitumen and allowed to
road construction.

The initiators of the collection of plastic marine debris made by fishermen
Indian state of Kerala, now in this eco-road
the program already involved more than 5 thousand owners of fishing vessels
and motorboats of india. Indicators of cleaning the sea is not very
impressive (65 tons – such a plastic catch was here in the past
year), but great trouble – the beginning. Moreover, Indian fishermen
they hope that their initiative will be taken up in other countries, and if
a similar program was adopted at the world level, say, the UN, then
people would gradually manage to clear the world ocean of garbage that
destructive not only for marine animals, but also, ultimately,
for the man himself. For example, we already eat plastic with fish.
In here there is a double benefit …

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