Indian forum guruSPIEF

At the last 22nd international economic forum in
Санкт-Петербурге (SPIEF) побывал и даже выступил индийский
Mystic philosopher, the famous guru Sadhguru.

RBC journalists did not fail to meet this famous
person, a man of world renown, and asked Sadhgur to answer
on a series of questions. Here is what he told reporters spiritual leader

Why do I attend events that seem to be no
relationship does not have to spirituality? This is not quite true. There was a time,
when religious leaders played a major role in society, and then
changed the military, replaced by the last politicians came … But only in
our time, that is, right now, the fate of the planet is decided by the leaders in
business, the economic elite, so to speak. True, she has not yet
enough of the right mentality, but if she gets it, she can
to create real miracles in society for the benefit of all civilization and
every single person taken in it.

Correspondents, of course, asked the Indian enlightened
yogi and about what he thinks about Russia and its leader Vladimir
Putin Sadhguru said the following:

Despite the fact that Russia today is firmly on its feet,
recovering from the collapse of the USSR, she has one unsolved
a problem that, as they say, spoils everything. Resource country is not
deprived, clever heads too, but the whole hitch is that
all over the world, Russia is misunderstood. For most earthlings –
This is a huge country of severe frosts, semi-wild people and terrible
concentration camps. And because here people are even afraid to go. Here is
why Vladimir Putin needs to try very hard to change that
distorted view of Russia in the world. Then and only then
understanding and cooperation will come …

At the end of the conversation, the famous guru responded to one of the most
burning issues of our time – is it worth it in the near future
wait for a new world war. According to his conviction, it has long been going, but
this war does not take place on the fields of physical battles, but on
level of information and diplomacy.

No need to cling to the past, philosophically emphasized Sadhguru,
but the future should be neither feared nor idealized. If you
doing well with the moment, it means that you
know how to work with eternity. And nothing else is needed, especially not
worry about tomorrow …

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