Indian is powered by electricity

A resident of the Indian city of Muzaffarnagar decided to tell the world about
its amazing ability. 42-year-old Naresh Kumar claims
what can withstand high voltage without any harm
to the body. Even on the contrary, a man is able to fully eat
electricity. Due to the fact that he is not too secure, he
It’s often easier to literally recharge from a power outlet than to go
products to the nearest store.

The Indian knew this by no means always. Just six years ago he
accidentally touched a bare wire at work, but not
felt no shock. Moreover, Naresh experienced a strange
feeling of cheerfulness and saturation, as if he had slept enough at first, and
then had a hearty breakfast. After that, Kumar began to experience
their capabilities, purposefully touching the instruments of high
voltage. It turned out that electricity feeds it, like food,
charging with all the necessary energy.

Our hero says that if he is hungry, he is enough
take bare wires and insert them into the socket. Electricity
passes through the body of a man, and after a while he
feels full saturation. Naturally, any other person
in no case can you try to repeat this! Probably Naresh
possesses a certain genetic abnormality. Or maybe he is
representative of a completely new race, able to absorb all kinds of
energy directly? Is in the future a person will eat clean
energy, for example, directly from the sun as a plant, and it does not
will require a complicated gastrointestinal tract?

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