Indian psychic predicted a catastrophe thatwill happen immediately before the New Year

The world still remembers the terrible earthquake in the Indian Ocean,
December 26, 2004, which gave rise to a gigantic
the tsunami that claimed the lives of many people in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka,
Thailand, some other countries in the region, and even
to South Africa, located almost 7 thousand kilometers from the epicenter
earthquake (island Simelyue).

And the Indian psychic Babu Kalayil (Babu Kalayal) promises
a repetition of this disaster, and on a much larger scale
destructive power. According to the clairvoyant, this will happen
immediately before the New Year, that is, December 31. Waves
enormous heights and strengths generated by the strongest earthquake in
Indian Ocean, will hit 11 countries, causing them colossal

Babu Kalayal issued this warning even to the Ministry
India (in September of this year), but only now is this
information has become more and more disturbing of people, including
leaders of countries that the psychic named among the potentially
affected by future natural elements: China, India, Japan,
Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka,
Afghanistan, as well as some countries of the Persian Gulf.

Note that Babu Kalayil cooperates with the Faculty of Physics
India’s largest university. With Professor G. Renuka (G. Renuka)
He established the commercial project “The Impact of Special Perception on
environmental and space catastrophes “, and therefore its difficult
to convict of quackery, especially when you consider what specifically predicted
this man is in the past, and that from his predictions came true.

For example, Babu Kalayal spoke about the presence of water on Mars
long ago, as established by astronomers of the world. Indian
clairvoyant back in 1998 predicted the discovery of a unique
exoplanets in 50 light years from our solar system, which
scientists at the University of California at Berkeley found only in
2004. Also Babu Kalayil, much before scientists knew about the giant
Lightning on the Titanic and much more.

The prediction of the future outside of science is a group of Indian psychics and
The scientists, which includes Babu Kalayil, are mostly not engaged,
however, seeing the upcoming, well, just terrible, disaster in
Indian Ocean, Baba Kalayal just could not keep silent, although he did not
I am sure that his warning will be heard, and people (in particular,
the governments of these countries) will be able to do something to
prevent the impending mischief on them.

Let’s see how true these predictions are, and even if
are true whether such a prophecy is a warning something
change? As history shows, in particular the warning about
disaster on December 26, 2004 (a huge tsunami was seen and said
about this many clairvoyants), no …

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