Indian woman for two decades lives inthe lake

Pataruni Ghosh, 65, from the Indian state of West Bengal
For two decades, forced to lead a very strange way of life,
which is unlikely to envy any of us. Since 1998
a sick woman is forced to spend most of the time in

In the best days of our heroine goes with the first rays of the sun.
на ближайший пруд, где проводит от 12 до 14 часов по шею в water.
After sunset, the Indian returns home, where
other women in her remote village, doing normal things, then going to bed
sleep, because early in the morning again have to go to the pond.

В худшие же дни Патаруни проводит в the lake практически круглые
day. What is interesting, after the start of such “procedures” a woman became
rapidly lose your appetite. Now it’s enough several times
month eat some rice with vegetables.

Gosh doesn’t like loneliness, and relatives with neighbors
constantly visit her to make a miserable company and
entertain her. Some villagers seriously believe that over time
the pensioner will turn into a water maiden and remains to live in a pond
forever and ever.

At the end of the last millennium, our heroine developed an incomprehensible
a disease characterized by persistent and severe inflammation of the skin.
The situation deteriorates significantly when the Indian is on
the sun. Искупавшись однажды в the lake, женщина неожиданно поняла, что
fresh water effectively relieves pain. Since then it
was the only salvation of an elderly villager.

Ask for help to doctors Pataruni can not, because
very poor. The journalists who shot the report about her hope that
the unusual problem of women will attract the attention of the
public, and caring compatriots will try to collect
her money for hospital treatment. In the meantime …

In the meantime, the Indian really “turns” into a mermaid, and
this is expressed not only in the absence of normal appetite, but also in
her increasing attachment to the lake. Close relatives even
fear that one day they will come to the reservoir and not find here
Pataruni, who will go into another world, and not spiritual, but

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