Indians are aliens or keepers of secretsThe universe?


Indians – the most mysterious people, over whose origin, and
also over their knowledge of the mysteries of the universe are still puzzled
scientists around the world. There are many versions that Indians are aliens.
or they know much more about them than we know. So who
Indians? Keepers of the secrets of the universe, or alien

In 1531, the Spanish explorer Pizarro, sailed to the shores
South America, drew attention to the fact that among the dark and low
Indians were high brown-haired with white skin, and the Indians took
Pizarro for Viracocha – the Most High, who arrived from the stars. Option that
these lands were then visited by other Europeans – excluded. Further in 1940
and in the 80s the traces of the stay of higher minds and their descendants found in
Peru. Also confirmed the fact of a UFO crash near Roswell in the USA in
1947 when the Apache Indians cured the injured alien. AT
1995 managed to find out the details of this accident and explain
Indian knowledge of other stellar civilizations.

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