India’s Inconvenient Artifact: Sandals Prints onmany thousands of years old granite

In the small village of India Pishka Nagri, which is located
near the town of Ranchi, Jharkhand County was once discovered
just a fabulous artifact – traces of the gods, captured on

A team of researchers led by an Indian scientist
N.Priyadarshi found out that footprints are very similar to prints
sandals that the ancient Indians wore in the past. And different
the size of these prints suggests that they belonged
two different soles of such sandals, or two different people who
�“Walked here”, leaving traces, according to the legends

According to local legends, these traces were really made by the gods –
Rama and Lakshmana, who in the area were looking for the lost
Sita is the wife of Rama.

The geologist N. Priyadarshi himself agrees that in reality
footprints (sandals in this case) on granite could not
leave people. This was done either by the gods or, more likely, by
Just carved in stone, the ancient Indians in memory of those mystical

This confirms the equally amazing image on the same
boulder, only on the other side of it – a mysterious drawing
aircraft, also hewn in granite (he certainly
could not print himself). It turns out that the ancient inhabitants of this
settlements met with “gods” and saw their ship, which is what
tried to perpetuate as the most significant event in their
of life.

Unfortunately, the age of these “granite drawings” of the village of Piska
Nagri has not yet been established, since science is not
interested in the disclosure of “divine tales,” especially since
Such a find fully fits the definition of “uncomfortable
artifacts that put scientists at a dead end. And although this artifact
does not pretend to how many other similar witnesses of olden time
deep to rewrite our history, but subtly “hints”
(especially a mysterious aircraft) to visit
this area by aliens who apparently called themselves Rama and
Lakshmana. Of course, for the ancient inhabitants of India they were
gods …

By the way, according to independent experts, if you start
from the hardness of granite, which depicts these traces and UFOs, then with
taking into account local weather conditions, this artifact is not less than five
thousand years, and even much more …

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