Inexplicable ball of fire danced in the sky aboveBuckinghamshire

May 11, residents of the English county of Buckinghamshire witnessed
unexplained phenomena. Above the ground, a huge fire appeared
a balloon that wrote down various pirouettes in height. According to many
eyewitnesses, an unidentified flying object was like a living
creature frolicking in the sky.

Eyewitnesses of this mysterious picture put forward various assumptions,
that this is a meteorite, ball lightning, paraglider, homemade rocket,
radio-controlled airplane, kite with fireworks, etc.
However, upon careful consideration of the video of this
UFOs turned out that all these hypotheses do not hold water.

The British, who were fortunate enough to contemplate this anomaly,
it is also reported that at some point it split into two
ball, which continued their chaotic movement across the sky. Besides
In addition, red “electric” sparks were falling from UFOs, which, to
Unfortunately, we didn’t see the video below.
since the quality of her wishes to be the best, all this was filmed on

And not very high-quality video does not transmit not only small ones.
details, but also a feeling of some kind of involvement in a miracle that
all eyewitnesses of this strange phenomenon were tested exclusively.
Independent researchers cannot yet give a definite answer,
what it is. Specialists from official science keep quiet
– as usual, since it could be either something military, or
just inexplicably irrational. In both cases
(really) it is better not to build any “silly versions” …

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