Inexplicable darkness has covered certain areasYakutia

In some areas of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), a strange
the phenomenon that happened during the day lasted about three hours and
vaguely reminiscent of a solar eclipse. On the street it suddenly became
dark as at night, but the “eclipse” came suddenly, also
instantly disappeared, was very localized and accompanied
by some other unfathomable things for the logical mind.

For some reason, a strange incident occurred very selectively – only in
Agin naslegé, Eveno-Bytantaysky and Zhigansky regions, and therefore
not even to a very dedicated person it is clear that to the ordinary
solar eclipse is irrelevant. Then who and
как «выключил» солнце в этих местах Yakutia?

The second oddity can be called the fact that “eclipse” flew
instantly, as it passed, as if the sun was actually someone
turned off and not blocked. No less strange may seem
�The “work schedule” of this “eclipse”. For example, in certain populated
paragraphs it began at 11 am, in others at 14 days, however
a duration of three hours was guaranteed to everyone who fell under
this “heavenly share.”

Moreover, after three hours of pitch darkness, people found
that the entire surface of the earth is covered with a layer of black dust, for example, water
in the barrels turned into just dirt. However, those who wandered in this
the darkness of Egypt with lanterns, did not feel the dust when breathing, though
as they confessed, something “crushed and tortured” them …

This is what Konstantin Starostin told SakhaDay Publishers,
who is the head of the Lower Bytantaysky naslega:

I would not say that darkness came instantly, at least
we were more likely to sneak up on her, but it’s not a solar eclipse either.
did not look like. We also thought at first that it was some kind of cloud.
For example, a dusty curtain covered us, but dust
It was not in the air, I myself specifically checked it. And the cooling is not
noted with this. But when the darkness is gone – we all discovered on
the surface of the earth is a thick layer of dust. Now people are not talking about anything
they say, what conjectures you will not hear (see the video). But…
we have no specialists to explain all this rationally. With
I can only assure you that at this time there are no military
or geological testing was not conducted, I would know about it.

Since the solar eclipse in this case does not roll,
scientists more sin on fires that are currently raging in
Republic of Sakha. That’s just close to the places where it manifested
this anomaly, there are no fires. And why did it go like this?
selectively, is also not clear. By the way, last October
a similar Egyptian darkness struck Sweden. And so far scientists have not
found this phenomenon intelligible explanations. So biblical
the curse that at one time Moses sent to the unbelievers the prophet
apparently pursuing us in modern society, if only because
that since that time, a person has not understood, and what is it –
is the Egyptian darkness? ..

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