Inexplicable phenomena that scientists justsilence

Someone faces miracles all the time, for someone this is
fairy tales, however, paranormal things happen in our lives,
and this is the same reality as, say, rain or snow, which we
seem so commonplace.

Alien Artifacts

On the evening of January 29, 1986 near the Far Eastern town
Dalnegorsk strange event occurred. In a hill on a huge
speed hit a large glowing “meteorite”. Top of this fells
visible here from all corners of the city, so almost all local
residents witnessed something mysterious. Later on
heights began to burn lights resembling welding. Strong
January’s snowfall didn’t allow us to immediately approach the glow,
which lasted, as the locals say, about an hour. Only three
a day later, researchers managed to climb to the top and see
strange fragments, clearly melted under the influence of high
temperature Surprisingly, but at the same time, at a distance of several
centimeters from the fallen celestial body, the bushes and trees remained
safe and sound.

The clash with the rock left many interesting artifacts,
the chemical composition of which turned out to be extremely rare, if not
atypical for the Earth. For example, balls and structures were found
resembling the structure of the grid. Many of them possessed
high melting point, although it seemed plastic.
Scientists have suggested that such chemical
compounds are almost impossible to obtain under natural conditions our
the planets. Then – what is it? ..

Annabelle Doll

These events formed the basis of the American horror film.
�”Curse Annabelle.” In 1970, an American student
celebrated her birthday. Mom gave her a great old
doll, which acquired in the shop of antique goods. Later
some days strange things started to happen. Every morning
the girl gently laid the doll on the bed in the apartment, which
she was filming with a friend. The arms of the toy were at the seams, and the legs were extended.
But in the evening the doll took a completely different position. For example, legs were
crossed and his hands were on his knees. The doll could also
see in unexpected places dwellings.

The girls came to the logical conclusion that during their absence in
the apartment is visited by a stranger with a strange feeling
humor It was decided to conduct an experiment and seal the windows and the door.
so that the attacker after the visit left traces. Neither
one trap did not work, and the oddities with the doll continued
take place. Moreover, bloody spots began to appear on the doll.
Naturally, the police who were brought a little later to this
strange business, could not help the girls. I had to turn
to the medium. He said that once upon a time on the site of this dwelling
a seven-year-old girl died, the spirit of which is played with this doll,
thus giving some signs, such as asking for help. But
then something terrible began to happen to the doll.

Once the girls were visited by their friend. Suddenly from the next empty
the room was noisy. When the guys looked behind the door, in her
there was no one, and there was a doll on the floor. Suddenly the guy screamed and
grabbed his chest. On his shirt stood out bloody
stains. The chest was all scratched. The girls left the same day
flat and turned to the couple of famous esoteric Warren,
engaged in the study of paranormal phenomena. It turned out that
Annabel is not just a doll, but some evil entity that
took advantage of the confidence of the girls. The warrens conducted a cleansing rite
after which the creepy things in the apartment no longer arise. Itself
doll girls happily gave up their eternal storage

Rubber blocks

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