Innovative fabric allows you to create clothesfor any weather

American scientists from California who created the startup Otherlab,
came up with a new fabric that will allow you to sew, say, jackets on
any weather And so on the horizon universal
clothes that are not afraid of either cold or heat.

Who among us has not come across the fact that, going on a trip even
for one day not to mention long journeys or
business trips, did not know what clothes to take with you. That is why often
you have to pack in the suitcase both, and the other, and the third, although
Everyone wants to take on the road a minimum of things, including clothes.
But wherever you get, you have to think about the warmth and the cold, especially
now, when the weather in the yard is so unstable, moreover
the world.

Californian researchers innovative fabric solves this
The problem is easy and simple. It (see video) consists of several
layers (minimum two), each of which has its own properties
thermal expansion. The layers in the fabric are chosen in such a way
that when the temperature falls between them folds, and
it means air pockets that allow you to retain body heat. AND
on the contrary, when the temperature rises, such folds
�”Smoothed out”, and the air pockets disappear.

At the same time to create warm clothes or turn them into
cold do not need neither electric power nor other
devices – air temperature does everything himself, and
soft and discreet for the user of such versatile clothing.

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