Interdimensional creatures – regular guestson our planet

On interdimensional creatures first spoke of Jacques Vallee,
who suggested that UFOs and aliens are not cosmic
guests, and entities that penetrate our physical reality from
parallel worlds. Not so long ago the declassified FBI document�
United States of America confirms that such creatures from other
measurements really exist.

No, the FBI does not claim to have contacted
these aliens, however, based on numerous observations
US intelligence agencies made an unequivocal conclusion: alien apparatuses
have the unique ability to materialize and also
dematerialize in our world. That is interdimensional
entities can easily penetrate physical reality, where
we live with you, and it is also easy to leave.

The FBI secret document also states that technology
which aliens use to penetrate our world, so much
high that visitors may be able to move not only in
spatial structures, but also in time. It is possible that they
penetrate our world from the future.

However, for Ufologists, this revelation of the FBI employees was not
sensationally because alien and UFO researchers
long ago came to the conclusion that traveling in the infinite and at the same
the time of the multidimensional universe can only be conquered by the laws
space and time. Fly to other planets using
modern terrestrial space rockets are also naive, as it is believed
that space is some kind of emptiness, forgetting about the ether, not to mention
that we know very little about how the world of God works.

The video used footage from the film “Knowing (2009)”

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