Interesting about the winners Shnobelevskoyawards 2017

Harvard University held an award ceremony
winners of the Ig Nobel Prize, which we witty in Russia
called Shnobelevskoy. Awards to the winners were presented by real
Nobel laureates.

The Schnebel Prize Committee has been in existence for 27 years;
all these are comedians of the magazine “The Unbelievable Research” (Annals
of Improbable Research), and such a prize is awarded for the most
absurd inventions in any field of science.

For example, one of the winners of the Ig Nobel Prize of this year
became a British explorer James Heathcote (James Hitkot),
who, as his more reasonable colleagues noticed, is finally
answered Little Red Riding Hood, why her grandmother had such big ears.
It turns out that all old people have ears that increase with age –
about 0.2 millimeter. James Hitkot has determined that the ears
�”Delays” gravity. He came to this conclusion after examining
hundreds of patients from thirty to ninety years. True, prove that
big ears allow you to hear better – and could not …

An entire group of scientists from the USA were awarded the Nobel Prize
Canada, Switzerland, Holland (Otto Braendli, Christian Lo Cascio,
Alfred Zahn, Alex Suarez, Milo Puhan, Markus Heitz), which
proposed to treat snoring with the help of the Australian musical pipe
natives – didgeridoo. The result is obvious: four months
for half an hour, the patient begins to snore every day
much smaller and quieter.

Another team of scientists from the United States, Singapore and France under
the guidance of Marc-Antoine Fardin (Marc-Antoine Fardeen) proved that
cats are liquid. Because they also easily occupy volume
any vessel (suitable for their size). This is evidenced by
numerous examples and photographs of these pet people, and now
also published a scientific work entitled “On the rheology of cats”.

Jiwon Han (Jivon Khan) from South Korea, as he himself admitted, is still
the student began to look for a way to be the safest
hot coffee to the workplace. And only this year
it dawned on the researcher that it was necessary to back up with it. Need to say,
that this is not the first in-depth study of this “world problem”.
In 2012, the Russian scientist Ruslan received the Snobel Prize.
Krechetnikov, however, by that time had long been working in the field
Canadian science (apparently, hence such insights). So here it is
(and not one, but in collaboration with American Hans Meier)
set: coffee, when you carry it, spills over because
uneven steps. The deepest thought!

Another group of scientists (something this time they rushed
deserve the Nobel Prize in a crowd) from Spain, Italy,
Great Britain (Ilaria Bufalari, Matteo Martini, Salvatore Maria
Aglioti, Maria Antonietta Stazi) made a truly world discovery:
It turns out not only outsiders, but the twins themselves are confused
in a friend. For example, they can not with absolute accuracy
identify in the photo or video where they are, and where their brothers or

But this invention, also awarded the Ig Nobel Prize,
even already found consumers, and therefore this drug called
Babypod can be purchased at pharmacies in Spain, because it came up
a group of Spanish scientists. Probably we all know that the fetus is in the womb
mother hears, and therefore loves good music. So Spanish
the researchers came up with a musical apparatus that is introduced
directly inward, due to which the fruit, in their opinion,
smiles wider, listening to music that way …

In this short article, we simply can’t see everything.
inventions and all awards of the Great Schnobel Prize, especially since
to laugh at all this, even if you want to but not for long: what if
it becomes so sad …

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