Interesting predictions and forecasts for 2018from the most famous psychics

Among those whom journalists asked to tell about the very
near future – 2018, – twin sisters Terry and Linda
Jamison (title photo), winner of the 17th season of the TV show “Battle
psychics “Swami Dashi and, of course, (and how without him?)
famous numerologist david mead.

Immediately reassure our readers: these, like other
clairvoyants do not see in the future any Third World War,
more nuclear, capable of destroying our civilization.

By the way, who cares a lot, can get acquainted with
materials of the popular Russian newspaper “President”, on the pages
which is very convincingly proven that the United States does not exist at all and
never had a nuclear weapon (like other “nuclear powers”),
all this is only “saber-rattling”, and the famous atomic bombs,
allegedly dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, were or
purchased in the USSR, or is it generally an example of manipulating public
consciousness (so, today, many independent scientists argue that
the history of the world was rewritten (completely!) just some two centuries
back – and who remembers or knows about it?).

True, the possibility of the Third World War, which may become
fatal to the whole world, says just a pro-Western man
David Mead However, his words may well be a continuation
hoaxes of deep-seated world government, which is constantly
makes the situation worse, scaring us with all sorts of misfortunes (now,
for example, a plague allegedly spreading around the world with
Madagascar). Intimidated and harried people are easier
to manage…

However, with regard to natural disasters that await us in 2018
year, psychics are twins, and David Meade, and
Swami Dashi. That’s only if the first talk about disasters in terms of
around the world (earthquakes will increase, hurricanes and
typhoons, frequent fires, and so on), then Swami Dashi directly speaks
– 2018 will be fatal for the United States, since the Higher Forces are already tired
endure this parasitic country on the body of humanity, and therefore
The United States will simply be wiped out by
natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami) on the principle:
No parasite – no problems.

Is it worth believing all these prophecies? Such a question today
Many thinking people are asked. After all, all these predictions themselves
certain illusions from the side of the Illuminati – for
manipulation of human consciousness. It is to some extent
proved even minor domestic facts. For example, quite
Recently, Swami Dashi was detained by St. Petersburg police on
stolen car (with broken numbers). The psychic himself stated that
he bought the car from his hands and knew nothing about it. Completely
possible, but how is it consistent, grinning Web users
the internet, with its foresight, extrasensory abilities,
if he cannot distinguish the “clean” thing from the purchase
stolen? ..

Therefore, we draw the appropriate conclusions and sleep peacefully at night,
because the future is known only to God alone, and
he, right, can always change it depending on certain
circumstances …

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