Interplanetary travelers – hostagesspace bacteria

There are still discussions on the Internet about whether
Americans to the moon or not. The fact is that at the time (time
the Apollo lunar mission) the Americans did not have space
devices with the proper protection of astronauts from space

As stated by the adviser to the President of the United States on science, David Gelernter
(read about this special article on our portal), from the USA and
today there are no space carriers capable of protecting man from
most powerful exposure to the Van Allen radioactive belt, and in
the sixties their devices can be compared with products from a foil.
Therefore, all plans for the exploration of the moon and even more so of space in
the near future to a professor at Yale University seems, by
least delusional, especially such a plan as send to
The red planet of volunteer colonialists who bears
the great adventurer of our time, Ilon Musk.

Cosmic radiation is not the biggest problem.
interplanetary travel

But as scientists have already established, powerful radiation in the open
space, this is not the main problem of long-haul flights
other planets that we have an imperfect terrestrial cosmonautics. how
told the other day to journalists the deputy director of the Center for Space
Kevin Fong University of London medicine, the most serious
danger in outer space for astronauts will be
microorganisms – fungi and bacteria.

The fact is, says the specialist, that microbes develop in
space, on the one hand, as practice has shown (the same ISS), also
easy, like on Earth, and on the other – in this new environment they quickly
mutated and acquire completely unpredictable properties that
becomes not only a great danger to humans, but simply
a catastrophic threat with unpredictable consequences for all
those who will be in outer space.

Moreover, in the case of some extreme situations, on Earth
there is always an opportunity to connect in solving a problem
institutes, universities, leading polyclinics of the world – practically
the whole earthly potential of medicine and science in general. On interplanetary
ship all this just will not. And at the same time create completely
sterile conditions for the spacecraft is simply impossible.

Note that even before the statement of Kevin Fong, some scientists,
for example the american microbiological society with surprise
stated that in space even harmless terrestrial microorganisms
can become quite dangerous. For example, completely harmless
Aspergillus fumigatus moldy fungi turn into pathogen
a terrible disease like aspergillosis. With this we
absolutely do not know how in the open space all other behaves
microbes … And this despite the fact that the astronaut will have a serious
the impact of other negative impacts of space, weakening it

So the colonial ambitions of earthlings, and especially Americans,
today are not backed by anything, and the same Ilon Musk, emphasize
scientists practically gathers on their Martian mission just
suicides, and not really explaining to people what they are
subscribing …

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