Into the ocean launched a robot fish

Representatives of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
reported their new achievement. Scientists have developed a special
underwater robot that is able to swim among marine
inhabitants, without causing them suspicion. The fact is that the device
�SoFi behaves and looks exactly like a fish. Specialists already
conducted a successful test machine near the rainbow reef in
Indian Ocean.

Electric fish plunged to a depth of just below 15 meters and
spent more than 40 minutes there getting photos and videos
underwater world in high resolution. The diver drove the fish
sailed near her. Using a wireless controller from the gaming
prefixes, the operator changed the speed of the robot, forced him
dive, ascend and perform other maneuvers. Signal
transmitted by ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 30-36 kilohertz.
According to the developers, this is the first robot in history.
remote control, behaving like a real fish.

The case of “SoFi” is made of soft plastic. As a source
The power supply is a lithium polymer battery. Scientists report
that artificial fish was created to spy on underwater
animals and coral reefs, and in the future it can even be
use to uncover some secrets of the deep sea.
The device is devoid of propellers and motors, it floats exclusively
thanks to the movement of the fins. �“Friendly” in relation to
ocean dwellers – the main advantage of this invention
before analogues. Animals of the underwater world are not at all afraid of this.
cars and let her swim next to her.

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