Invented a new kind of chocolate

Until today, there were only three varieties of chocolate:
dark, milky and white, if you do not take into account the rejuvenating
chocolate “Esthechoc”, which is more suitable under the definition
�”Medicine” than “delicacy.” However, the Swiss manufacturer
�”Barry Callebaut” managed to make a small revolution in
confectionery area, creating for the first time in 8 decades a new variety
chocolate treats.

This is a ruby ​​chocolate, which received this name because of
its characteristic pinkish hue. Of course, the word “ruby”
may be perceived as some kind of exaggeration, but it characterizes
not only the color, but also the amazing taste and smell of this pastry shop
products. New chocolate made from a special variety
cocoa beans that have never been used for such
goals. Chocolate has a unique creamy taste and smell without berries.
any dyes and flavors.

The dessert was so subtle that the Swiss didn’t even
they wanted to add sugar to it, so as not to spoil the original taste
ruby chocolate that is significantly different from the rest
types of cocoa products. It remains to hope that such pastry
products will appear in the foreseeable future on our counters

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