Invented artificial gills that extractoxygen straight from the water

People from time immemorial dreamed of diving and breathing there
free as fish. But for this, as soon as it became clear even
ancient researchers needed gills instead of light.

Soviet science fiction writer Alexander Belyaev in his famous
for the whole world the novel “Amphibian Man” showed a universal
a man who had both lungs and gills, and therefore could freely
be both on air and under water. Today Swedish scientists
proved that this is possible in real life.

True, Swedish scientists went a completely different way, that is, they even
did not plan to transplant living fish gills to a person, say
shark, as it was described in the book “Amphibian Man”, but
came up with artificial triton gills that are sufficient to shove in
mouth, instead of the mouthpiece of modern scuba. In this case, there is no
any need for such a difficult, heavy, chilling movement
diving equipment, because the artificial gills are very small and
weigh only … 200 grams.

Despite this, they allow a scuba diver to find underwater
up to 45 minutes – and this without any auxiliary equipment. Self
The device is packed in a heavy-duty and hermetic case, therefore
you can not worry that it will fail due to any
physical damage. By the way, note that the specified time is
only the limit of the battery, and not the gills themselves – they practically can
to produce oxygen from water for an infinitely long time, would be for this
energy. Therefore, you know, in the future, when the problem with
batteries will be solved, a person can swim under water for hours
– until you get bored.

Artificial gills are a special filter for water extraction.
oxygen, microprocessor, vibration motor and exhaust valve with
inhaled air. And of course – adapted lithium-ion
battery, which sets the limit of finding a modern
Ichthyander water with water …

By the way, we note that artificial gills have long been haunting
scientists, however, all inventions in this regard, even the apparatus
Israeli designer Boulder, inferior to the Swedish novelty,
therefore, it must be assumed that with time it will be improved to
unrecognizability, turning, for example, into a light bandage on

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