Invented granulated oil

The technology of oil granulation, invented recently by Canadian
scientists can make pipelines useless. As known,
Today, “black gold” is transported on an industrial scale.
through the giant pipes passing through the territories
States. It is relatively safe, cheap and convenient, especially
compared to using rail cars and oil

However, now the transportation of the most valuable fossil fuels
can be carried out by any available means, and it will be
as easy and safe as transporting coal. Of course
however, only happens if the Canadian method
Specialists in the Conversion of Liquid Petroleum to Solid Granules
will start to use everywhere. Experts are already negotiating with
Canadian authorities on the implementation of this idea in life.

The technology of the miracle transformation is being kept secret by its authors.
It is known only that it is necessary to use significant pressure and
high temperatures. The final product, according to scientists, is somewhat
reminds sweets with a filling – outside each granule consists of
solid, similar to asphalt shell, and inside it is a liquid
core. These granules are relatively cheap and fast.
are obtained from heavy oil and bitumen.

Learn more about the benefits of granular tefti.

Oil granules have a number of advantages over liquid
petroleum. First, they do not pollute the water. Even if
the substance will be in the ocean, it will not sink and will not pollute
sea. Secondly, the oil granules themselves are practically not
are destroyed. And thirdly, it is possible to transport such oil by train,
trucks, air and sea vessels. In short, by any
specialized and non-specialized transport

Canadians report that pellets can be poured into your pocket, and
they don’t even stain your clothes. This, as mentioned above,
will avoid various environmental disasters. It’s obvious that
подобные бедствия особенно опасны на sea. Being lighter than water
spilled liquid oil spreads across the ocean in thin film on
colossal areas. Spills in the oceans “liquid gold”
accompanied by the mass death of fish, marine mammals,
reptiles, birds and other creatures. However, water
the granules can be collected without much difficulty, and they are almost not
harm the environment. Moreover, losses in this case
will be minimal …

Of course, transportation of oil in granules will still require
significant energy consumption. However, Canadians have already calculated that this
will be cheaper than pumping oil through the pipeline. Settings for
granulation of petroleum can be constructed right next to
wells. Theoretically, they can also be made mobile,
which will fundamentally change the logistics industry. This technology will be
especially irreplaceable in the Arctic, where today
liquid black gold.

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