Invented top, able to rotate moredays

Toy manufacturer “Fearless Toys” presented its new
product called “Limbo”. This is a small top,
способном вращаться более days! Miracle Yula has already been listed in the Book
Guinness records after spinning without stopping for 27 hours,
9 minutes and 24 seconds. But, of course, the product is not as simple as
It seems at first glance.

The fact is that “Limbo” is equipped with a gyroscope, a motor,
special sensors and some other electronics that
powered by a miniature battery. Actually, the rotation time
A spinner directly depends on the capacity of its battery. If a
inventors will be able to provide a toy with a more powerful battery,
then yule will be able to spin even longer.

According to company executives, they themselves were quite
Surprised by such a high performance device. Representatives
�“Fearless Toys” tells you that you can run a spinning top on the table and
go to bed and upon waking to see that he is still
is spinning.

How much fun and exciting it is, everyone decides for himself
It’s true, however, that one can understand this only if one acquires such
toys But representatives of “Fearless Toys” claim that they
got to the point – Yule “Limbo”, very similar to the “perpetual motion”,
immediately caught the attention of buyers and enjoys great
sought after by them …

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