Inventions of Nikola Tesla, who turned out to bepremature

Probably every educated person heard about Nikola Tesla –
a scientist of Serbian descent who was ahead of his era on
hundreds of years.

But what is interesting, before he died, he understood all the danger
many of his discoveries and are believed to have destroyed individual records
drawings and calculations. Although there is an opinion that some of his
documents with great guesses were still captured by intelligence
USA and then used, for example, when creating a climate
weapons (project HAARP in Alaska, it is believed, was created by a student
Tesla Bernard Istlund, who relied on
preserved records of the teacher).

On the other hand, Tesla’s plans were quite safe for
humanity projects that could bring happiness to many living
on Earth, make their lives more comfortable and rich. But here already
other forces went into action who opposed them in every way
promoting these inventions in life. And now you will understand

Free electricity for all

Humanity spends a lot of money to get
electricity, which is required in our days more and more,
however, at one time, JP Morgan, a company that funded many
projects of Nikola Tesla, refused free energy, which
the scientist wanted to give this world.

In 1902, Tesla began building a wireless installation.
New York from anywhere in the world. Naturally, Morgan in every way
contributed to the promotion of this project. However, Nikola has this
the score had its own plans: the Vordenklif tower, in his bold idea,
was supposed to provide wireless transmission not only
radio signals, but also electricity, which is supposedly
would come straight from space. In this case, each user in
anywhere in the world could receive it for free in unlimited
quantity – for this it was enough to stick a special soil

But … this grand project was not destined to be realized.
As soon as Morgan found out about Tesla’s true intentions, he immediately
stopped funding. JP Morgan, as well as others
industrial and oil producing tycoons did not need so much
dramatic changes in energy that seriously threatened them
income and power.

Anti-gravity aircraft

The second is fantastic (even from our current point of view)
Nikola Tesla’s invention was an aircraft that
words, easily overcomes gravity, which means inertia, and
because it can without any wings and propellers (turbines) with a huge
speed move in space in any direction. And,
Nicola assured, this will be the safest transport on Earth.

But the genius in this case also deprived of funding, since this
happened just before the First World War, when strenuously
The automotive and aviation industries developed, and with it
oil, because cars and airplanes demanded fuel. Tesla
attempted to leave the elite of oil and industry without pants. AT
As a result, the development of the scientist was urgently covered – almost
are prohibited.

Superfast and economical airship

We already wrote that aeronautics could go completely by
another way. More simple (than planes and helicopters), more
reliable and, most importantly, low-cost movement by air promised
airships. But … they did not fit into the plans of the builders of the aircraft,
which (where by using money, and where by eliminating unnecessary
people) were able to win this race, although some independent
Researchers claim today that the future awaits us

By the way, opponents of airships at the beginning of the last century were pushing
many arguments in defense of the aircraft, which, in their opinion,
were both faster and more maneuverable, not to mention
прочих «недостатках» airships. So, Nikola Tesla, as more
a shrewd scientist, immediately realized that the future was not just beyond
airplanes and helicopters. And if he was not allowed to create
antigravity aircraft, he wanted to give to the world
at least high-speed airships operating on electric. Him
the brainchild, according to the inventor himself, could deliver
people from new york to london in just three hours. And such energy
the airships would be taken directly from the atmosphere of the Earth, and therefore they are not
Needed no refueling and even landing (just hang
over the airfield, pull passengers, cargo, pick up a new batch
those and others, and then – again to fly).

And, дирижабли Тесла были бы не только скоростными и
practically free but able to move through the air
colossal amounts of cargo, airplanes and helicopters are simply not
are good. In general, modern devices are not capable of this, even
Russia’s unsurpassed Ruslans are still limited in volume.
cargo, not to mention the huge costs, and hence the price of such

However, this time, Nikola Tesla was, as they say, blocked
all the taps: no bank in the world decided to give the great scientist
loan to develop it ingenious project that again
undermined the domination of industrial and oil magnates.

It is said that one of Nikola Tesla’s amazing qualities was
the ability to stop on time, it probably allowed him to live
until old age, it was at one time forced him to destroy
their most dangerous projects that can turn into weapons
much worse than the atomic bomb. ATозможно, ученый знал и о ядерном
synthesis, but he had much bolder and safer
inventions are the greatest gifts to humanity, which, as
it turned out that it was not yet ready to accept them …

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