Inventor from Yakutia offers cheapenergy for residential buildings

Anatoly Chomchoev and his wife Diana, in the past active
researchers, and today retirees, live in the Sakha Republic on
The 45th kilometer of the Vilyui tract is practically in the forest, providing
yourself with alternative energy.

And although they are supposedly cut off from civilization, this creative couple
continues scientific work, attending international conferences,
publishing scientific articles, without stopping to conduct research –
now mainly in the field of alternative energy.

Already many years studying popular alternative sources in the world.
energy, in particular, solar panels and wind turbines, Chomchoev came to
Conclusion: this is all pampering, entertainment for the rich. Essentially and
solar panel and windmill are suitable only for low-power household
devices, while the cost of their acquisition and maintenance
never pay off.

That is why Anatoly Chomchoev offered his version
alternative energy – portable atomic generator mechanism
which is surprisingly simple, why the engineer is even afraid
to patent my invention, because I am sure: by all means (and very
quickly) drag around the world, creating their counterparts.

Patriot of Yakutia and Russia as a whole

Chomcheev’s nuclear generator is built on a completely different principle
work than modern nuclear power plants. It can not explode, is not dangerous for
surrounding wildlife, does not require water cooling and so
Further. In short, a find, especially for Yakutia and other
отдаленных поселений Сибири, Заполярья, ну и так Further. After all, for
provide 100 houses of a small Siberian village need
portable atomic generator, occupying an area of ​​just 2
square meters and generating at least 15 kW of energy.
Its cost is less than two million rubles, while the service life
– not less than 50 years in the autonomous mode of operation without any refueling,
without replacement parts and even excluding service.

It would seem that the Russian authorities and, in particular, the leadership
Yakutia, where the problem with providing affordable and cheap
electricity of remote settlements is particularly acute,
must today be worn by Anatoly Chomchoev in his arms;
him the means to implement his unique project team
помощников и так Further.

Nothing like this, wherever a scientist writes, nobody has yet
hears (naturally, and does not respond to his letters). But the company
Tesla has already become interested in the development of a Russian engineer,
offering Chomchoev everything – the laboratory, the necessary funding,
not to mention everything else that is called in Russia
normal life scientist. Only Anatoly is in no hurry to settle for
Ilona Mask’s proposal, he is a patriot and wants the greatest
a breakthrough in the history of the energy of mankind began without fail in his
native Yakutia, and in general – in Russia. Here’s how figuratively he says
about it:

Now in the world, and in the Russian Federation, too, they are trying
coming up with different ways to save energy and fuel. BUT
all this is similar to the period when the inventors argued that it was better
on telephone sets, buttons or a spinning disk. But
Mobile devices came to the world – and this problem just disappeared
by herself. So in this case will be about the same
just want this energy revolution to occur first
in Russia…

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