Invisible anomaly in the sky puzzledmeteorologists

Specialists of the US National Meteorological Service turned out
baffled the other day when their radars caught an 80-kilometer
an anomaly that moved more than 10 hours over the states of Illinois, Indiana
and kentucky. In terms of its performance, it looked like a storm, however
Here’s the catch: the weather in these regions was extremely quiet.
Of course, all sorts of speculation about nature
a phenomenon. Some talk about a flock of birds, others – about activity
�”Green men”.

Meteorologists say that a giant clot in the atmosphere
had a high temperature and was rapidly growing in length, moving to
south. �”Radar drop” as it was nicknamed by the American
journalists, was completely invisible from the ground, and newspaper reporters failed
see nothing above the sky but a clear blue sky. Ufologi and
conspiracy therapists immediately stated that it was not without intervention
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization with their perfect

Soon skeptics found a possible rational explanation.
what happened According to them, with one of the local military
the air bases surely took off the plane, which – by chance or not –
released into the air a whole cloud of pyrotechnic substances under
name “chaff”, which serves to conceal aircraft from
thermal radar. However, the media staff phoned all the military
airfields in three states and found out that nothing like that day
did not happen. In a word – another mystery …

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