�”Invisible face of the ghost” recorded in the oldthe hotel

Mysterious incident occurred recently in an American city
Cleveland, Ohio. Young tourist settled in an old hotel
�”Renaissance” over a hundred years old and decided to walk at night
through the empty corridors of this historic building.

In order not to be bored, the girl took the smartphone and turned on the broadcast in
Snapchat app to tell friends about your
evening pastime. However, at some point our
the heroine unexpectedly ran into something incomprehensible and maybe
very frightening.

Start with the fact that the lodger, she said, immediately
felt strange at that moment, as if someone was
next to her. Without first giving it proper importance,
traveler continued to have fun with «Snapchat». In particular,
she included in the app a function that allows you to overlay funny
muzzles on human faces. The program automatically finds in
frame the face and draws to it various details like glasses, mustache
and animal ears.

For no reason at all, the camera grabbed a certain in the empty corridor
the object on which the mask was applied. Moreover, the “invisible
face “began to approach on the screen to the girl and even as if
distort the space. Frightened, our heroine ran to
elevator, however, the alleged supernatural essence
followed her.

However, many commentators, looking at the following
video, found what happened quite rational explanation. By
their opinion, a mobile application that has a very primitive function
facial recognition, took for a person various dark objects in
corridor whose location was vaguely reminiscent of the location
eye, nose and mouth on a human face. And – no ghosts.

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