Invisible force pushed the woman aside

The Internet is gaining popularity mysterious video received
as early as last year, however, it appears to have become
public just now. Sensational video, shot street
A surveillance camera somewhere in Asia demonstrates a strange case of
a woman attacked by some kind of invisible power. At least
as many researchers of the paranormal and
simple web users. Ghostbusters are convinced that
before us is the real phenomenon of the supernatural nature.

The frames below show clearly how
traveling from the roadway to the sidewalk, the lady throws back in
side incomprehensible intense jerk. The reason for this is still
remains a mystery.

Some regulars on the World Wide Web believe it was
poltergeist or some other invisible otherworldly entity.
Others suggest that the unfortunate was exposed.
telekinesis or futuristic weapons. According to third, on
the road just lay a metal cable that was stretched
drove past a truck.

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