Iran made an interesting accusation of the Westtheir espionage activities

High-ranking former military representative of the Ministry of Defense
Iranian Seyyed Hassan Firuzabadi delivered a very interesting
accusations against Western intelligence agencies that lead espionage
activities in his country. He believes that the West is in these
uses specially trained lizards.

Firuzabadi made such a statement at a press conference that
was dedicated to the mysterious death of Kavos Seyed-Emami – a representative
Iran-Canadian cooperation. During this meeting were discussed and
many other issues, including Western intervention
understand that Iran is engaged in nuclear development.

Lizards in this case, spoke at the conference Hassan Firuzabadi,
used by Western intelligence agencies as “litmus
papers ”, with which you can identify nuclear sources.

Professor at the University of Texas, a famous zoologist Erik Pyanka
Firuzabadi responded to this statement as baseless
the charges. According to the scientist, any reptile can independently
act as an indicator of nuclear sources. And
train lizards to selectively find places with
increased nuclear activity, providing them, for example, special
sensors, the work is difficult and ungrateful.

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