Iranian magician Mohsen Norouzi about our futureof the world

Mohsen Norouzi was not only the winner of the tenth season of the “Battle
psychics “, he amazed viewers with his huge
paranormal abilities, for example, this magician can calmly
read thoughts, feel the pain of others, see with closed eyes.
In addition, he is pretty (quite accurately) predicts the future,
because it has a connection with higher powers. At least so
claims the Iranian seer himself.

Telling reporters about the future, Mohsen Norouzi often
stipulates that he offers only one of the possible options
developments, which he is shown above. As far as this way
will prove to be true, only these higher ones can judge, probably
strength However, such predictions are good because they
allow people who frankly believe in them to understand the main thing: in
in this world, everything is much more complicated than it seems to us, and time –
this is not what we think of him, but the truth is the same
nonconstant (variable) value, but not some kind of frozen
substance. That is why so often people foreshadow the end of the world, and he
never coming

Not long ago, Mohsen Norouzi performed on Channel 5, where
allowed himself to share with viewers with given him over
the vision of how events will develop on Earth in the near
the future.

The United States, according to the magician, will soon lose all influence in the world,
it will be a secondary country with its own big problems
and not only the economic plan. European Union in the coming years
although it will continue, it will be a purely formal association. AT
Further, the EU will begin to divide into smaller associations. And the world is in
Overall waiting for reformatting, political and military influence in it
change dramatically.

If we talk about the Third World War, it has been going on since 2014
year, says Mohsen Norouzi. However, apart from this protracted war, we
expect no less lasting natural disasters. Eruption
volcanoes, floods, earthquakes, abnormal temperatures and so on
– that’s what we have and we will watch it for now, since
disasters will only increase.

But everything ultimately forms, the Earth will not go anywhere,
and humanity too. So no mythical nibiru
Do not be afraid, like other scenarios of the Apocalypse. Moreover,
since 2020, we need to expect positive changes all over the world, then
There is a long-awaited stabilization.

Nor did the famous Iranian clairvoyant say a word about
Russia’s role in this global process, as is almost done today
all magicians and oracles. Although, on the other hand, he does not
mentioned that the Russian people are waiting for at least some shocks, in
difference, for example, from the same countries of Western Europe and the USA. ATот
Ukraine is another matter. However, here the Iranian sorcerer sees
positive changes in the near future, the coming to power of a new
leader, after which the country will gradually revive. The most
the terrible Mohsen Norouzi prophesies only for the current leadership
Square …

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