Iranian tramp does not wash for 60 years

Iranian homeless Amu Haji has not been washing for 60 years, while
On Earth, this unique in all respects man lived a little
more than eight dozen. And he lived, from our point of view, in the most
terrible conditions, and while not yet complaining about their health, as
and everything else.

He even eats very peculiar, like a scavenger: baked in
bonfire with carcasses of animals. And smokes – dry manure through specially
adapted for this water pipe. �”Shaving and
this amazing man is also very original – he
just burns on itself the excess vegetation.

Amu Hadji lives in a dugout, which is covered with a brick top
building (a gift from the locals of the village of Dzhega, province
Farce, where this fantastic hermit lives).

Such a peculiar way of life has developed over the years. Refused
from ordinary life in society Amu Haji deliberately after several
emotional tales about which he does not tell anyone – just
briefly mentions them – that’s all. Also deliberately he refused and
from water treatments, believing that the crust covering it is fine
protects the body from any external influences, including
dirt and germs. Maybe for this reason the old man is practically nothing.
not sick

The main part of the day, Amu Haji sleeps or basks in the sun,
truth sometimes he has to take care of his food
and stocks of “smoke”, but he himself considers it not even work and not
occupation, and a small variety in their lives. Old man to all
pleased and considers himself a very happy person.

By the way, let’s say that the record of life without washing the Iranian homeless,
Of course, it is amazing, but in connection with this I would like to recall another
similar example. Indian Kailash Singh also does not voluntarily wash
(as well as does not shave, does not cut) since 1974, and he is far from
the tramp has a big and friendly family that has never been able to
to persuade the old man to take water treatments and shave. First for
to him it was a vow to God that he should send him a son. And although the son and
did not appear in his life, Kailash Singh does not wash and does not shave now
just because I’m used to my current state,
probably, like Iranian Amu Haji.

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