Irishman claims to have videotapedLoch Ness monster

The 53-year-old Irishman Owen O’Fadagan claims to have captured
video legendary Loch Ness monster.

The man didn’t even have to use his own recording.
device: he was just watching live from a webcam,
which keeps a close eye on the famous Scottish lake, and
suddenly saw something suspicious in the frame. Swimming in the pond
large dark object.

Despite the fact that the movie turned out the fault of the DVR
defocused enough, Owen claims to have noticed
black silhouette can not be a boat, boat or any other
by the watercraft as it moved across the surface of Loch Ness
not at all like a technique – it was something alive.

O’Fadagan, working at Donegal Hospital, states that
is a big fan of Nessie. He often watches the lake
via the Internet, and this time he, he says, is simply incredible
lucky. The man explains that he was observing the alleged relic
dinosaur about ten minutes, then the monster disappeared into his beloved
Arkart Bay The creature floated from right to left and did not seem to be afraid
that he will be noticed.

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