Is a person floating in the sky drawing lightning?

What it is: a flying superhero straight from the pages of a comic book,
powered by a humanoid or god of thunder and lightning Thor from
Norse mythology?

Mysterious video, received back in September of this year,
riveted the attention of supernatural researchers
phenomena. Experts are trying to determine whether the record is real,
and if so, what anomaly is imprinted on it.

Amazing video, shot during a thunderstorm in Shanghai,
shows a human silhouette hovering high above the houses. AT
lightning strikes him, and numerous witnesses on earth
scream after each such blow. The Chinese are clearly amazed
this spectacle. And if it’s still about mystification, then clearly
very skillful, using the impressive extras. Straight
some kind of fantastic movie …

Many skeptics on the Web assume it was a kite,
balloon or drone with a doll attached to it. ATпрочем,
how the device did not burn in that case after the first
electric discharge is hard to say. According to others
doubters, this is a quality video editing. They say
no small spectators could gasp and exclaim because of themselves
lightning, and a certain craftsman already painted on the frames soaring in the sky

No one argues that technically this is possible, but experts
claim to make such a natural in many ways fake
for fun, too implausible. Easier to find something
similar in life itself, especially since numerous video cameras
mobile gadgets allow you to record many miracles today
of our world, of which, as it turned out, just do not count …

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